My name is Karly and  I have been a cosmetician since 1989 and a SofTap Permanent Cosmetics artist since 2003 .   I have trained with the BEST in the world in Beverly Hills, California in the technique known as microblading/microstroking 3D Brows.  I am also SofTap hand method trained for the least invasive powder brows, eyeliner and lip color.   The next big thing coming out of Europe is the Stardust techique for Brows, eyes and lips and I am proud to be the only certified artist in this technique in the Seattle area and Lewiston, Idaho. 


        I did not know you had to be invited to be Better Business Bureau accredited.  I was honored to be invited and that BOTH my locations and training academy are accredited.     


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I would love to become your facial artist but no matter who you choose...please read this important info so you are safe.       
   In Washington state and Idaho there there are no requirements for any training to perform these services.   Washington only requires a 2 hr online blood borne pathogens test and a couple hundred dollars and you are legal to tattoo a face.  Idaho has no laws on permanent cosmetics.   A license on the wall DOES NOT mean you are safe.  I am honored to have been interviewed and chosen to be part of the legislative committee in Washington state to hopefully change that for you.

     The Society of Permanent Cosmetics is one of the only regulatory bodies in this industry and a member must uphold the highest standards of ethics, cleanliness and training to be a member.   Click on the pink SPCP logo for more information on permanent cosmetics.  I am proud to be a member in good standing with the SPCP.


I am very Experienced in Microblading and was trained in it before it became popular. No matter what you hear it IS tattooing and needs an experienced person doing it.   MANY are learning in 3 days of less and then using YOU to practice on.

I look forward to exceeding your expectations with the gift I have for enhancing faces!  I treat your face like it is my own with only the best products and training for application available in the industry.   My 12 year and 5 star reputation has been built carefully one face at a time.  I treat your face with the same care I would give my own and am Blessed with thousands of happy ladies. 
Please click on the above yelp picture for reviews!   Also many more reviews on my facebook business page Klassy Permanent Cosmetics.


Meadowdale Work Lofts
16825 48th Avenue West Suite 449
Lynnwood, Washington
618 Suite E "D"  Street (Behind


DO NOT BE FOOLED JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A LICENSE...in Washington state the ONLY requirement to be licensed to tattoo bodies and faces is a online blood borne pathogens test and to send the state 250 dollars.     The state DOES NOT CARE  if they have taken an hour of training and now new people are even training others because of the thousand dollar per day it brings.   In Idaho and many other states there is no license to be acquired at all .  
    ASK HOW LONG AND HOW MANY PROCEDURES EXPERIENCE???   When they begin with how many years in the beauty business rather than how many years tattooing faces...run.   I have 28 years in the beauty business but the only years that matter are the last 12 I have done permanent makeup.   Look at their pics and make sure they are their pics...many are stealing others work and calling it their own.  I had a client recently who said the gal just plugged in the hashtag microblade and then showed her all the pics as if they were her own.   Ask for referrals of clients to call..... and look on yelp. 
    This is a big one!!!  Many have been in the business for 5 years but they do 1-2 procedures per week.  OR they give the impression they have been in the for years but have only been doing permanent makeup for a year. You want someone who does this fulltime almost every day and is a master at their art.   I have done it full time for 12 years! 

How far out are you booked?  BE CAREFUL when they can get you in tomorrow!  WHY are they not booked?  I am 3+ weeks out in both locations and on some days 3 months.    Groupon offers also mean they are not busy or they would not give half their profits away.

Do you do it by hand or machine?  Natural and soft permanent makeup is done best by hand tools and fabulous hairstrokes need to be done by handtool.  I only work with handtools for your comfort, safety and the AMAZING look it gives!

Is this your full time or do you do hair, nails or other jobs?   YES! I have been a master artist since 2003 who day in day out is doing permanent makeup :) I am a specialist.

How often do you and attend advanced classes to increase your skills?  YES! I am constantly studying and when I do attend advanced classes spend the $1,000+ PER DAY they cost!

Are you licensed (with a minimum 100 hrs of training) , insured and certified?  YES! I am licensed in Washington and though Idaho has no licensing requirements and even Washington has no strict rules I follow the places in the world that are strict and put your safety as my number one priority using ALL disposable products and tools.

Do you use ALL disposable tools and protection garb and cover all surfaces?  YES! Your face and health is safe with me.

Do you have a private studio or in a salon?   YOU DO NOT want what may be floating in a salon implanted in your skin. 

Will you be around in 2+ years when I need a color boost and what will you charge me?  YES! and your future cost is only half price per area for my work! EVEN when I add new skills to my business you get them at that cost.  (WHEN you come back every 2 years or less)

     LIFE IS TO SHORT to do everyday what I can put on for you perfectly!   Then you will have more time to  LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE!!!

     WHY choose me?  I am a facial specialist!  This is my and I spend thousands of  dollars and hours and each year improving my skills with further education.     I ONLY do faces almost every day and am referred by many in the medical community because of my strict personal rules of safety.  

    For a life altering procedure you need to choose someone who specializes in one thing.  Permanent makeup is a very intensive art that requires incredible skill and expertise.    More than 3/4 of all permanent makeup artist do this as a side business while they do hair, nails or other . 

    After 8 years of building my business in the area I opened another studio in Lynnwood, Washington in 2011.  I was so honored within  short years to receive my first BEST OF award!  NOW I have 3 in a row!!!! 
WHOO HOO!  Thank you so much to my clients in both for trusting their faces to me :)


I AM SO honored to have received these awards!!   To be recognized for something that is my passion and love is INCREDIBLE!!!

Of my awards the below is one of my most cherished!  The United Kingdom artists do amazing work and to be recognized by one is beyond an honor.   Thank you Sharron!

Trained by the world famous Daria Chuprys of Greece and Beverly Hills, California in Microblading. 

Advanced training from an artist in Moscow, Russia

You will see by the many styles of brows and eyes that I use artistic talent to give your facial features the best look for you. I do not do the same brow on each person it is completely based on YOUR face.    I WILL ALSO NOT do what will not look amazing on you since your face is my reputation and billboard. 

ALWAYS increasing my knowledge for my clients



    It breaks my heart when someones face is disrespected by sub par work.   I spend 25% + of my time correcting work done by others :(   It is much easier and less expensive for you to come to me first!   Invest in you  the first time or pay to get it  corrected!    These pictures are just a smidge of what I have corrected.


How will it look when healed???
    ALL above pictures are immediately after procedure and the below is a look at how work by Karly looks healed.... and in this case a year later!

Lip Liner or Full Lips


Meadowdale Work Lofts
16825 48th Avenue West Suite 449
Lynnwood, Washington
Jacobsen Mall
618 D Street Suite E Lewiston, Idaho 83501
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Both locations are handicap accessible!

I live my life as an example of H.O.P.E.  
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