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Hi future friend.....Thank you so much for stopping by!   

 I am a licensed, insured and experienced  permanent makeup artist.   Thousands of faces have been trusted to me and each woman  enjoys the time savings and incredible beauty of  having permanent make-up.  "This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!" is the most repeated thing I hear.  Oh...and "I'm so glad I found you to do it" is the second. The third would be..."I can't believe it didn't hurt!"   Nothing I say is meant to impress you...but to impress upon you that you need to come to me first or you will come to me to fix what was done elsewhere. 
      I have been an award winning make-up artist and skin consultant for over 28 years.   My passion is for facial art...using both regular wash off make-up or with permanent make-up. Naturally knowing  the perfect colors and shape are a talent God has blessed me with and I love showing women how amazing they can look even with just putting on perfect eyebrows.
    I trained with  SofTap® permanent cosmetics in 2003 because of  constant requests about doing make-up every morning for my customers because they could never get the eyebrows or eyeliner as perfect as they thought I did.    With permanent make-up you can buy time....getting rid of the wasted hours spent putting on make-up. You can look younger by having perfectly placed eyebrows.  You can swim, work-out or spend more time with those you love when the worry of applying make-up is gone.

     I chose the SofTap® method because of how similar the results look to regular make-up.   I am a perfectionist and the ability to completely control the process for your safety and perfect application was my biggest priority in choosing a method to use. 
   My reputation always has been the incredible results you will receive from your time with me.  Word of mouth has brought me much success and I protect that credibility with every procedure I perform.
Eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner done with SofTap® Brand colors are so natural that even your best friend would never know you had them done. You can be made up all the time, without any effort at all, even on the sleepiest of days.
 So what's the secret? Permanent makeup done naturally with beautiful SofTap® Brand color of course!
  Have your permanent cosmetics applied with a gentle touch and quiet, complete control. Fall asleep while getting your eyebrows done, chat with your technician during an eyeliner procedure, and relax completely while having your kissable lips applied with the SofTap® Brand hand method.
    And the best part is, the results are beautiful, subtle, and natural. Eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner done with the SofTap® Brand hand method are so natural that even your best friend would never know you had them done.
Incredibly natural, low maintenance gorgeousness can be all yours with SofTap® Brand Permanent Cosmetics.
The SofTap® Hand Method is the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. The  patented line of micropigmentation needles gives complete control over every procedure, no vibration, no noise, no worries.


Highest Quality Anesthetic
Safe for all areas of the face
and topically applied.

 I also use Li pigments
( http://www.lipigments.com/ )
    Having permanent makeup can be life changing for someone who has to pencil eyebrows on every day.   My reputation has blessed me with a very large client list.   Some have driven as far away as 7 hours...and came on airplanes from places like Alaska, Michigan and California to have the natural look of permanent cosmetics that I apply.  It is worth the distance to get the look you want.
 None of that said to impress you...but to impress upon you...your face is safe with me!
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service and artistry in the industry. 

What Clients have said.......

Thank you so much.. I love my eyes!!  Candy McGinty

I first met Karly when she worked as a permanent makeup artist at a local salon. I was waiting for the tanning bed and she walked up to me and introduced herself and told me that I was beautiful and handed me her business card.    I had had a couple experiences with other permanent makeup artists that were not so good and decided to try Karly.  She is an absolute perfectionist in her work and takes pride in what she does to make women more beautiful!!   I have gone to Karly for years to get touch ups or more permanent makeup.   In our valley she is well known as one of the BEST makeup artists around.
Tracy Gruell Webster (nurse)

I was one of Karly's first customers after she got certified. I trusted Karly as I knew her work ethic and knew that she was detail oriented as well as very good with make up. I was so happy. She has done a few touch ups and I am so glad that I have my eyes done. I have had several surgeries and my sisters are jealous when I wake up of how I look. THANKS Karly! Deb Cridelbaugh Broyles (nurse)

I had a makeup makeover done  at ULTA.....a large beauty supply store here in Portland. The makeup artist who did my makeup was SOOO....IMPRESSED with my permanent  makeup, and wants to have it done! Love ya, girl! Lora
Lora Howerton Anderson

Want to let you know that Karly did my eyeliner years ago when she started and I had it touched up about 2 years ago and I love it! saves me so much time and looks Great all the time! Definitely worth it! Thanks Karly
Molly Klipp President of Aloette of Seattle 1-800-284-25631-800-284-2563 (Cosmetic company owner, speaker and author)

You make me feel so special...you make
me smile and

laugh!!!! Your positive attitude is contagious!!  You are full of love and compassion,
and oh
yeah...you are excellent at your profession!
Love, Marge Freeburg

I was in Nordstroms yesterday and was watching a girl get a makeover. The tech was talking eyebrows. The gal looked at me and said..."I want eyebrows just like hers". I just smiled and thought of you. I love my eyebrows Karly. Thank you soooo much
Mary S.   (No Pic)

I had my eyebrows done  three years ago and a touch up just recently. I absolutely love them!!! My closeup vision is not all that great. When I would paint on my eyebrows they were never the same...I would look half angry and half happy. The color you did my eyebrows complimented my fair skin and dark hair.... I have had so many compliments on how rested I look. They don't realize it is your artistry that gave me that look. I don't think women realize that when they come to you they don't just get wonderful permanent makeup, but they walk out the door with a "self esteem" boost and a true and sweet friend for a life time. Thank you Karly...you are a treasure!  Elaine Lewis

Locations :  2  Private Studios  By appointment 

16825 48th Avenue West Suite 448
Lynnwood, Washington
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Consultations are done via email at klassypermanentcosmetics@gmail.com or text at 208.790.2500
Your business is VERY important to me and at actual appointment to get a procedure we spend time chatting to make sure you are comfortable.

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